How Vapor Cigarettes Can Help You Quit Smoking

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Even though you realize that smoking cigarettes causes harm to our bodies for instance lung cancer, it is still really hard for a person to quit smoking. Scientific research has shown that smoking tobacco products is among the leading factors to other kinds of cancer like liver, mouth and bowel to mention only a few. The chemicals and toxins inside a cigarette are the secret ingredients that cause damage to the human body, the nicotine inside the cigarette is what makes it addictive and brings unbearable withdrawal effects to many. Cures to stop smoking have flooded the entire marketplace over the past several years but none of them seem to be quite effective as long term cures. Fortunately, for the people who have realized the serious negative effects of smoking, the are new revolutionary products that can help them in this case.

quittingsmokingThe new devices are the Vapor cigarettes also known as E-Cigarettes or Electronic Cigarettes. They offer an alternative to those who want to quit smoking but find it difficult. As the name suggests, e-cigarettes are electronic devices that contain non toxic substances inside them. They do not contain tobacco and additionally there is no smoke. Instead, they contain a thin stream line of vapor which a smoker inhales to obtain nicotine. The vapor has a smell and the taste of a cigarette and this gives the smoker the illusion of smoke that comes from a real cigarette. The flavor that gives out the taste and smell of a cigarette is also organic. With these vapor cigarettes, there is no existence of tar, smoke, ash or flame that is normally associated with smoking a typical cigarette. Moreover, the e-cigarettes are designed to look exactly like a cigarette, that is in terms of size, shape and weight.

An excellent feature about the E-cigarettes is that they save your family and friends from becoming passive smokers when you are near them. As opposed to a normal cigarette, the vapor cigarette will not stain your fingers or leave an undesirable smell all over you. It fits well into your pocket and its up to you to make it readily available when you feel like taking a smoke. Additionally e-cigarettes are legal meaning they can be purchased anywhere mostly without age restrictions and can be used everywhere including the non smoking zones.

The amount of time it takes for an individual to quit smoking however will depend on the person. This is because we are all different and the smoking habit varies among all smokers. The regular use of these vapor cigarettes can help a lot of people reduce of the urge to have a smoke and eventually get rid of the smoking habit. In this case discipline and patience is called for.

E-cigarettes are now available in pharmacies and can be purchased in packs or even singles for those trying out for the first time. There are also various brands of these particular cigarettes. Their prices range from 2 to 10 dollars a pack. This is a tenth price reduced from the normal pack of cigarettes .Giving vapor cigarettes a shot will help you in the long run to withdraw from smoking.

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