How To Maintain Vapor Cigarette

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To ensure maximum performance & a longer life of your vapor cigarette, it is very important to keep it clean and practice simple maintenance. The battery and the atomizer should be cleaned regularly, depending on how often the e-cigarette is used. Generally, once every week is enough. If you're interested in finding out whether vapor cigarettes are safe, then see our blog category for more interesting articles and to find solid answers to the questions you may have.

How to maintain vapor cigarette 

1. Mouthpiece

maintainingvaporcigsOnce in a while, e-juice may leak into your electronic cigarette mouthpiece, affecting vapor production. If this occurs, carefully remove the cartridge from the mouthpiece. Roll a tissue between your fingers, making a twist small enough to fit in the mouthpiece. Wait until all the excess liquid is absorbed and then dispose of the tissue. After that, put the cartridge back in place and reattach the mouthpiece to the battery. You can now go on enjoying your vapor cigarette.

2. Atomizer 

Generally, atomizers are disposable and often have a relatively short lifespan, depending on the use. Some can live for 6 months, but normally this e-cigarette component has a lifespan of between 3 to 6 weeks for an average user. But before thinking of disposing your atomizer, you may want to do some simple maintenance tasks on it. This can even help prolong its life.

As you smoke your e-cig, you’ll notice residual buildup slowly accumulating on the atomizer’s connection threads. Since the buildup blocks electricity flow and affects the general performance of the atomizer, it’s important to get rid of the buildup from the threads immediately. Gently wipe the threads with a tissue or paper towel to clear the residual. If you want to wipe the inside of the atomizer cylinder, use cotton swabs.

Tweezers can be handy when you want to deep clean your atomizers. Simply hold the atomizer with tweezers and then run hot water via the open part of the atomizer. After cleaning, leave to dry over night or until it’s completely dry (may take more than 12 hours). If your vapor cigarette atomizer was close to being non-functional, this process can help extend its life. Deep cleaning is also a good procedure when changing flavors and removing gunk buildup.

3. Batteries

Compared to other electronic cigarette components, batteries require very little maintenance. You should avoid overcharging your battery, as this may cause battery failure and cut short battery life. To preserve the lifespan and charging capacity of your vapor cigarette battery, be sure to use it until completely empty before recharging. If a residual buildup accumulates on the battery connection threads (this is normal with continued use ), simply use a tissue to clear the buildup.

4. Cartridges

If you have refillable cartridges, it is important to avoid over filling them as this may cause your atomizer to flood, affecting its performance. Be sure to fill until the polyester material looks slushy, or somewhere just below the rim. You can get rid of excess e-liquid by blowing via the threaded end of your e-cig’s atomizer while holding an absorbent material (like a tissue or paper towel) over the other end to catch the e-juice. You’ll hear a gurgling sound as the excess liquid exits and also notice the e-juice on the tissue.

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