We are obligated by the FTC policy to disclose the following information regarding our affiliate engagements that you see on our webpage. In basic terms, anyone who visits our page should keep in mind that the links available therein are affiliate links. This means, if a visitor clicks on any of the links displayed, he/she will be forwarded to the actual website of the advertized product/service, and a cookie will be recorded in his/her browser. If the visitor buys the product/service from the affiliate link, we are entitled to a commission. This is a legitimate way of generating income to maintain our website operations.

Furthermore, it is entirely up to our visitors to decide on the affiliate links they want to click, and they are completely free to leave their reviews on the products/services advertized. We never get any money or reward for these reviews. We do our utmost only to include products/services that we know about and are reliable. We do not just endorse products/services but also seek to offer accurate information and honest opinion about them.

We also do have businesses that pay us upfront to display their ads on our site, and although we do our best to allow only quality brands, we distance ourselves from any claims these brands make and are not liable for any issues that might arise because of purchasing them.

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